House Rules

Code of conduct for appointments at our Alexandria Office


Customers must follow the following firearm safety rules at all times:

  • Clear every firearm you pick up while pointing the muzzle at the floor
  • Treat every firearm as if it is loaded at all times
  • Never point a firearm muzzle at anything other than the floor
    • Do not point a firearm muzzle at any walls or ceilings
  • Keep your finger straight and off the trigger at all times except:
    • When performing a function check on a firearm after clearing it
    • When dry firing a firearm after clearing it
  • Keep all firearms on safe at all times except:
    • When clearing a firearm
    • When performing a function check on a firearm after clearing it When dry firing a firearm after clearing it

Failure to adhere to these safety rules will result in immediate cancellation of the transfer and the customer will be asked to leave. The customer will be responsible for arranging for their firearm shipped to a different FFL and Aardwolf Solutions will not provide any refunds for any payments for transfer services.


Transfers are by appointment only. Only the customer who purchased the order is permitted to come to the appointment. Customers must come to their appointment alone. The name of the customer must match the name listed on the firearm order and the payment information for the transfer service. Absolutely no firearms or ammunition are permitted on the premises, other than firearms being transferred by Aardwolf Solutions by arrangement. Customers are not permitted to bring firearms onto the premises and are requested to leave any conceal carry items in their vehicles. Customers must bring a current, acceptable form of identification to their appointment for the transfer to take place. Please refer to ATF guidance. Virginia residents must have a fully issued driver’s license (hard plastic with photo, not temporary printed) showing their correct Virginia address. The license must be 30 days old, counting from the issue date printed on the actual license. This rule is a Virginia State Police requirement that Aardwolf Solutions must enforce. Customers must bring a current ID proving status as military member/law enforcement officer/first responder to use the $5 discount.  Customer must pay all fees prior to starting their paperwork, whether prepaying using the online cart or paying in person at their appointment.

Refund Policy

Aardwolf Solutions will provide a full refund if we are responsible for any errors in the transfer process. Aardwolf Solutions does not provide any refunds under any other circumstances. Aardwolf Solutions is not responsible for the results of the background check and does not provide refunds if a transfer cannot be completed due to a National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) flag. Aardwolf Solutions is not responsible for the quality of firearms we receive for customers from third-party sellers. We do not provide refunds for our transfer services if the customer is dissatisfied with products from third-party sellers. Customers who come to their appointment and are not satisfied with the firearms we receive for them from third-party sellers have two options:

  • Accept the transfer anyway and return the item to the third-party seller or attempt to re-sell the item.
  • Refuse to accept the transfer coordinate with the third-party seller to receive the refund and have the item shipped back to the original seller. Aardwolf Solutions will not pay for shipping but will accept prepaid shipping labels and send the item back to the third-party seller.

In either event, Aardwolf Solutions will not refund the fee for the transfer. Aardwolf Solutions will either complete the transfer or take the items to be shipped using a prepaid shipping label from either the customer or third-party seller.