M1 Carbine Folder – Underwood Barrel, New Furniture + Mags and Accessories


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The M1 Carbine was designed primarily to offer noncombat and line-of-communications troops a better defensive weapon than a pistol or submachine gun, with greater accuracy and range, but without the recoil, cost, or weight of a full-power infantry rifle. The carbine was also easier for less experienced soldiers and smaller-framed people to fire than the .30 caliber infantry rifles of the day. The carbine was more convenient to carry for officers, NCOs, or specialists encumbered with weapons, field glasses, radios, or other gear.


  • Manufacturer: Underwood Barrel, Winchester Receiver
  • Barrel length: 18 in (460 mm)
  • Overall Length: 35.6 in (900 mm)
  • Year: 1944



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