Why a $35 processing fee for non-local customers?

Aardwolf Solutions has to receive most firearms and receivers on-site before forwarding them to an alternate destination.

What is drop-shipping?

Drop shipping is when an online retailer lists items and collects payment but never actually possesses the items they sell. The items go straight from a distant warehouse directly to a customer. The retailer makes a profit from listing the item and processing the order, generally making a small profit in doing so. Many e-commerce sites work in industries that function on drop-shipping, but manufacturers in some industries intentionally bar this business model because they want to encourage a wide network of local dealerships rather than enabling a single online retailer to process all of their sales by offering the lowest price to anyone in the country. Many firearms manufacturers want their products to remain at a steady price point, so they incentivize dealers to sell to their local communities by forcing them to receive their products on-site before being able to forward it anywhere else. If a dealer receives an order from a far-away customer, they have to receive the item first, then invest time and money in forwarding the item to that distant customer. While it is still possible for a dealer to make a profit in this manner, the removal of drop-shipping as an available options greatly reduces the number of items they will be able to sell competitively around the country. Instead, manufacturers and distributors encourage dealers to buy in bulk at reduced prices and possess the items at inventory in order to make it profitable to sell them all over the country.

Why the $35 fee for non-local customers?

Aardwolf Solutions partners with over a dozen distributors and is an authorized dealer for and a handful manufacturers. Most distributors and dealers will only send orders we place directly to our address in Northern Virginia and will not ship directly to a distant customer. This is not a hard and fast rule for all distributors – sometimes this varies by manufacturer or distributor – but it is the case for the majority of items and it would take an unreasonable level of effort to track which items we are able to drop ship. Aardwolf Solutions is a non-stocking local dealer – so in order for us to process orders for non-local customers we have to make a trip to the post office, costing us time and shipping fees. We charge a $35 fee to cover the cost and effort.

I am not local to Northern Virginia, so why should I use Aardwolf Solutions?

Aardwolf Solutions sells products at very reasonable fees, so you will still be able to find hundreds of items competitively priced, even compared to some of the major online retailers. We are a small, veteran-owned local business and we provide outstanding and responsive customer service. We respond to calls and emails directly, so you will not have to deal with robots or automated email responses. Since starting business in May 2019, we have served customers as far away as Texas and Idaho and received very positive feedback. If you would like to know what we’re about – give us a call, we would love to hear from you.