The Minuteman is Here!

Aardwolf Solutions: Minuteman

Introducing Aardwolf Solution’s very first rifle, the Minuteman. Inspired by the brave civilian colonists that once raised an army of farmers and workmen to defend their homes from tyranny, we have designed the rifle around simplicity, reliability, and affordability. This rifle was assembled for the everyday man and woman that understands that the only person that they can rely on to protect the homestead is themselves.

We have selected every part for a specific reason and the build has undergone extensive quality control and will perform to our high standards. Early testing involved over 1600 rounds of mil-spec ammunition and allowed us to make informed decisions about our final list of components. These rifles will feed, chamber, lock, fire, unlock, extract, eject, and cock many, many rounds with a crisp action and optimal ejection pattern. As the Minuteman of July 4th 1776, you can rest assured these Minuteman will be ready at a moments notice to defend.

  • Ballistic Advantage 16″ CMV barrel – mid-length gas system
  • ALG Advanced Combat Trigger (best in class Mil Spec trigger)
  • Geissele Lower Parts Kit
  • Palmetto State Armory lower receiver
  • Primary Weapons Systems ratcheting castle nut
  • Carbine buffer system with H2 buffer
  • Magpul MOE handguard
  • Magpul PMAG Gen 3 magazine with window

Minuteman with Standard Engraving: $849.99
Minuteman with Standard Engraving: $899.99

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