About Us

Purveyors of the Finest Firearms and Ammunition

How It All Began

We tried buying firearms in NoVa. When a customer buys a firearm online, they need a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) to reach out to the seller and arrange to receive the firearm. These services can be costly, and some licensees introduce delays when responding to a customer inquiries and sending their license information to third-party sellers. We realized we can do better, so we started a local FFL business simply to provide low-cost transfers to members of the Northern Virginia community. Since then, our business has grown to include a network of over a dozen distributors and eight manufacturers. Today we sell a wide variety of firearms coast-to-coast with minimal margins.

Our Services To You

Our mission is to offer fast, affordable, and professional FFL services to the Northern Virginia community and to offer all Americans a wide selection of firearms at a reasonable price. We achieve this goal through persistence and hard work:

  • Managing our own online presence instead of outsourcing to a web developer
  • Developing relationships directly with vendors and managing our own inventory instead of subscribing to Gearfire or Ammo Ready
  • Applying a low-overhead business model to enable us to charge minimal margins on our product catalog

We hold a Type 1 FFL and our business is based in Alexandria, Virginia. Aardwolf Solutions, a limited liability company licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, holds a Business License granted by the City of Alexandria. We have the lowest prices on many products and provide the most responsive and reliable customer service in the industry

Honor, Courage, Commitment

We will maintain the highest integrity when providing advice, we will not keep you waiting, and we will not overcharge you. We offer low prices on transfers for third-party firearm purchases and free transfers for firearms bought through Aardwolf Solutions.